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Life Plan: Guide for collective planning

Aldo Gomero, Andrea Román, Fiorella Arenas, Giuliana Zegarra, Isabel Castañeda, Juan Carlos González, Karina Chappell, Luis Román, Marcel Velásquez, Miguel Macedo, Ximena Sokolic

Life Plan: Guide for collective planning
Property Information
Resource Type Manual
  • Español
Year 2016
Country Peru
  • Indigenous Governance
Complexity Practical
  • Inherent Rights
  • Model Land Governance
  • Self-Determination
Written By NGO
Written For
  • Indigenous Communities
Description Guide developed by Peru's Culture Ministry and USAID, which aims to be a resource for communities to elaborable collectively a life plan. It is broken down into 4 phases: (1) Organizing for the Life Plan elaboration, (2) Reflection about Identity and Life Conditions, (3) Life Plan formulation, (4) Implementing, follow up and self-actualization.
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