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Indigenous Women Changemakers: Dalee Sambo Dorough

Avexnim Cojti, Dalee Sambo Dorough

Indigenous Women Changemakers: Dalee Sambo Dorough
Property Information
Resource Type Radio
  • English
Year 2016
Country Canada
  • Identity
  • Indigenous Governance
  • Pimatisiwin
Complexity Simple
  • Inherent Rights
  • Self-Determination
  • Traditional Knowledge
Written By Indigenous Organization
Written For
  • Indigenous Allies
  • Indigenous Communities
  • Leadership and Management
Description Dr. Dalee Sambo Dorough (Innuit, Alaska, USA) discusses her early engagement in the politics of Indigenous Peoples land rights, and shares her insight into why the defense of land merits extra international legal attention. She urges leaders to have optimism, and take “the long view” approach to making progress in the protection of Indigenous rights.
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