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De la Consulta al Consentimiento

The North-South Institute, Gladys Jimeno Santoyo

De la Consulta al Consentimiento
Property Information
Resource Type Brief Summary
  • Español
Year 2012
Country Colombia
  • Consultation
  • FPIC
  • Indigenous Allyship
  • Indigenous Governance
  • Industry
Complexity Practical
  • Community Engagement
  • Consultation
  • Land Access
  • Land Stewardship
  • Self-Determination
  • Social & Cultural Impacts
Written By NGO
Written For
  • Academic Institutions or Researchers
  • Indigenous Allies
  • Leadership and Management
Description In this document the learnings from the collaborative project "on consultation and consent". It summarizes the issues brought up by multiple Indigenous Peoples that participated in the process. It highlights the importance of the themes of land titling, acknowledgement of ancestral lands, and the resistance to government and industry pressures.
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